In his new picture book, Bil Lepp,  has crafted a lively and comic tale with an underlying message about humility and honesty overcoming power and greed. Readers... will delight in the wordplay found in this heartwarming story. Tongue-twisting rhymes offer young listeners a rich vocabulary.  -Sarah Sullivan in the Charleston Gazzette

“It’s hard to miss the point of this fable about the kindly King of Little Things…  Small, Lepp clearly feels, is beautiful. Yet the story doesn’t pall. Wenzel delivers Mad magazine–style spreads of medieval feasts, battles, capes, and crowns. Brainy wordplay abounds, and a scavenger hunt is included, too. Lepp affirms living simply without sounding smarmy, and Wenzel offers a king whose underpants fall off. What’s not to like?” — Publisher’s Weekly

"It turns out that little things are the ultimate fifth columnists. When Normous attacks, the little things rebel: "Bolts bolted. Brakes jolted. Cookies crumbled. Blocks tumbled. . . . And every little thing, everywhere, refused to work." No points for guessing which king prevails in this endearing and satisfying picture book for readers ages"

The Wall Street Journal